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Amino agrees to new headquarters

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Amino agrees to new headquarters

TV set top box manufacturer Amino has signed a lease for 12,000 sq ft of office space at Buckingway Business Park in Swavesey.

The company’s finance director, Stuart Darling said Amino was able to negotiate a flexible deal, including a stepped rent which allowed it to control fixed overheads in line with its projected growth through the medium term.

“We are also pleased to be able to locate all of our operations onto a single floor plate as this will enhance internal communications between all members of staff.”

Amino’s AmiNET100 next-generation set-top box has been awarded the ‘red dot,’ one of the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the world. Presented annually, the red dot: product design awards recognise sophisticated design quality and are judged by 26 jurors from nine countries who are all international design experts.

The AmiNET100 was launched at the end of last year and is believed to be the smallest and most integrated set-top box available. The red dot competition is amongst the largest in the world, with 1,494 products from 28 countries submitted for this year’s awards.

The AmiNET100 is the first in a new series of small, low-cost set-top boxes for multimedia distribution in networked environments. It is currently being trialled by major vendors such as Ericsson.

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