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Amino Communications, Kasenna and Minerva Networks launch NetVision™

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Amino Communications, Kasenna and Minerva Networks launch NetVision™

LAS VEGAS (November 13, 2003) - Minerva® Networks, a leading provider of video networking infrastructure, Kasenna, a leading supplier of video management and delivery software, and Amino Communications, a specialist in CPE products for multimedia distribution, today unveiled the most robust, scalable and cost-effective solution for the delivery of interactive television services over broadband networks. The new NetVision™ platform features all of the key components required for the delivery of broadband Television, including service management software (middleware), video management and delivery software, client software and set-top box. Optimized for the delivery of television over telephone networks, NetVision™ sets a new benchmark in IP Television infrastructure performance, scalability and cost.

The back-office management software (Minerva® iTVManager) and the video management and delivery software (Kasenna™ MediaBase XMP) run on Linux servers. The middleware client component has been optimized to achieve superior performance on the tightly integrated and cost effective Amino set-top box. The three companies have shared vital development and quality assurance resources to offer service providers an integrated and certified solution for the delivery and management of broadband video services. Already proven over leading last-mile network topologies, North American telephone operators like Sacramento, Calif.-based Surewest have selected the new platform to offer "triple play" services.

Commenting on the announcement, Bill DeMuth, vice president and CTO of Surewest said, "Minerva, Kasenna and Amino provide a very compelling solution that addresses our digital television requirements. Their platform is robust, scalable and provides significant operating efficiencies."

"Our three companies have joined forces to create a solution that drastically reduces the barriers to entry for North American IOCs into the "triple play" market," said Mauro Bonomi, president and CEO of Minerva Networks. "The combined platform allows NA telephone operators to access new revenue streams and stay competitive."

The NetVision™ platform supports a broad range of applications and services, including live TV, VOD, NVOD, SVOD, Pay-per-View, Caller ID, e-mail and Web access. Amino, Kasenna and Minerva are working closely together to add advanced features such as Time-shifted Television and Personal Video Recording (PVR).

"We are proud to be a member of this innovative venture that sets a new standard of performance in the IP Television market," said Bob Giddy, CEO of Amino Communications. "The NetVision™ platform opens up a new world of service options for broadband operators while minimizing infrastructure costs."

"NetVision™ is a fully proven, tested and deployed IP Television platform," said Mark Gray, CEO of Kasenna. "By combining the resources and expertise of three leaders in the IP Television market, we have enabled service providers to easily deploy video applications and quickly realize revenue."

Amino, Kasenna and Minerva will jointly market, promote and support the NetVision™ platform.