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Using innovative SmartTUBE UI client applications, IPTV service providers can deliver popular PiP service to AmiNET110 installed base

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Using innovative SmartTUBE UI client applications, IPTV service providers can deliver popular PiP service to AmiNET110 installed base

11 August 2009

SmartLabs LLC announced today the availability of the popular Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature for service providers who use the company's SmartTUBE UI client applications to deliver IPTV services to subscribers with AmiNET110 IP STBs from Amino Communications.

PiP has been a popular feature on digital TV screens for several years but until now has not been widely available for IPTV subscribers. Demand for the feature - which allows viewers to watch another channel at the same time as viewing their selected channel ? is increasing, according to SmartLabs. Viewers often use PiP when waiting for a movie or sports event to begin, or to watch two shows or sports events simultaneously.

Many new generation STBs have built-in capability to decode two separate transport streams, which means that supporting PiP can be simply enabled at the software level. The AmiNET110 only has a single chip so SmartLabs developed a UI client application that uses a specific software component to decode the second stream using general CPU power.

This innovative approach to client applications means that adding PiP to such IP STBs is now straightforward, making the user interface with PiP navigation fast and easy for IPTV subscribers. With this technological breakthrough, almost all STBs using the SmartTUBE UI client application can enable the PiP feature.

"We are always committed to deliver new interactive services to our existing and new customers," said Mikhail Grachev, CEO of SmartLabs LLC. " PiP is a popular and useful feature for all subscribers, and increases the overall quality of the interactive TV experience and differentiates IPTV service providers from competitors."

Amino Communications Chief Technical Officer Dominique Le Foll said: "The AmiNET 110 is one of the world's most widely deployed IPTV STBs and it's great to see SmartLabs innovating in this way to improve product functionality and the end user experience. As an independent company we place a great deal of emphasis on developing and working with a broad and deep eco-system ? and this kind of development is testimony to the added value this brings to what we collectively deliver to our customers."

SmartTUBE UI client applications are based on available IPTV industry standards and a universal cross-platform graphical engine which supports a wide range of client devices, such as STBs, mobile multimedia devices, digital players, communicators, mobile phones and PCs. They have a long list of instruments for building user interfaces from prebuilt components with 2D and 3D functionality, and they also have instruments to create new interface elements which immediately become available for all types of client devices where UI application might be installed.
SmartTUBE UI applications support a wide range of existing chipsets for digital TV STBs. It means that, once created, the UI applications might be easily moved to any new device within one technology (say, IPTV), and it also allows to build hybrid solutions (IPTV, DVB, satellite, etc.) assuming that subscribers will use the same interface experience regardless ways they have to access services.

About SmartLabs LLC
SmartLabs LLC is a leader in service delivery platform (SDP) for interactive digital television (IPTV, DVB, hybrid, satellite, Internet TV), innovative client applications and user interfaces for STBs. SmartLabs LLC is a part of ITG (Inline Technologies Group) holding group of companies.
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About Amino Communications:

Amino specializes in digital entertainment solutions for IPTV, Internet TV and in-home multimedia distribution. Amino's range of software and set-top box systems can be tailored for telecom, broadcast and hospitality firms to offer highly scalable and targeted services. The award-winning AmiNET™ and Mood range is used by leading service operators in over 80 countries. Amino's 'AssetHouse' technology opens the door for content producers, telecoms companies, broadcasters and web TV firms to maximize opportunities through better services, targeted content and greater choice. It takes IPTV to the next level by allowing clients such as BT Vision to think like retailers and package, personalize and refresh extra revenue-generating services to viewers. Amino Communications and AssetHouse are wholly owned subsidiaries of Amino Technologies PLC. Listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM, symbol AMO. Amino's HQ is based near Cambridge, UK, with offices in the US, China and Sweden.

PR contacts for Amino:
Kate Cartmell
T: +44 (0) 1954 234 100