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Amino selected to supply IPTV set-top boxes by Iowa Network Services

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Amino selected to supply IPTV set-top boxes by Iowa Network Services
Amino IP set-top boxes chosen by independent telephone companies

Cambridge, UK, 7th October 2004: Amino Communications today announced that it has been chosen to supply set-top-boxes to independent telephone companies who have deployed IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) utilising head end services from Iowa Network Services, Inc. (INS). INS is a telecommunications company jointly owned by 127 independent telephone companies, serving approximately 280,000 residential and business customers across the US state of Iowa.

"Compatibility between the set-top box and the middleware used by the independent telephone companies was a critical requirement," commented Howard Juul, VP Network Planning, INS. "Amino has worked closely with our middleware company to achieve the required level of compatibility."

"Set-top boxes cumulatively represent a sizeable investment when you install two or more in each house. Getting a unit that has the full features and functionality and yet is low cost is very important and that is something that Amino offered." stated Juul.

INS invested in a digital video head-end and middleware to enable the local telcos to offer IPTV services to rural Iowa communities they serve. To date, four telephone companies have deployed the service using INS' head-end and Amino's set-top boxes at the consumer end, with three additional companies planning to go live with commercial services later this year. Several more are expected to deploy the service as consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of IPTV.

"Telephone companies can no longer rely on traditional telephony services to maintain their market positions," explained Bob Giddy, CEO of Amino. "Customers are demanding more advanced services such as broadband internet access and interactive digital television. INS has helped the small independent Iowa telcos to offer these services which would otherwise require too much capital investment to be viable."

IPTV is developing rapidly as it enables video-on-demand (VoD) and interactive services to be delivered over broadband telephone networks. Subscribers can watch digital-quality TV programmes and have access to a wider selection of movies than presently available, while benefiting from full interactivity.

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About Amino
Amino Communications (www.aminocom.com) is a designer and supplier of electronic systems and consultancy, specialising in products for digital broadcast and on-demand TV, IPTV (telco triple-play applications), and in-home multimedia distribution.

The Amino range of small, low cost, high functionality set-top boxes and gateway products is designed for consumer applications in telecom, satellite and digital terrestrial broadcast markets, as well as on-demand systems for hotels and hospitality markets, healthcare, retail and education. Amino also provides systems consultancy, and partners with world-leading companies in content aggregation, middleware, conditional access, and head-end systems.

Amino Communications is part of Amino Technologies PLC. listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM, symbol AMO. Amino is based near Cambridge, UK, and has offices in Atlanta Georgia.

About Iowa Network Services
Iowa Network Services is privately owned by 127 independent telephone companies that serve 280,000 rural Iowans. It delivers a full line-up of broadcast and premium channels from its network operations centre in Des Moines over its 2000-mile state-wide fiber optic network. The company provides core network transport, internet, broadcast video and other services to telephone and enterprise companies across the state of Iowa.

For further information please contact:
Geoff Boyes/Jenna Keighley, EML
The Albany Boathouse, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BB.
+44 (0)20 8408 8000, amino@eml.com

David Cormie, Amino Communications
Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB4 5UQ.
+44 (0)1954 234 100, https://www.aminocom.com

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