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Amino and NEC offer cost-effective, high quality digital entertainment system for hotels

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Amino and NEC offer cost-effective, high quality digital entertainment system for hotels

Cost savings and revenue opportunities for hotel management

Cambridge UK, 23 February 2004: UK-based set-top box (STB) vendor Amino has partnered with NEC to target the hospitality entertainment business. Amino's contribution to the partnership will be its miniature STBs which enable the distribution of TV and video entertainment, as well as Internet access, to guest rooms via Internet-type networks. Hotel and motel chains will benefit from cost savings, quality improvements and increased revenue opportunities. Roll-out of the first systems to UK hotel chains will start in Q1 2004.

Internet Protocol-based TV, or IPTV, is developing rapidly as it enables video-on-demand (VoD) and interactive services to be delivered over broadband telephone networks. Amino's AmiNET210H set-top box and middleware from YesTV will be used in NEC's new TALIA system, which offers the hospitality industry cost effective, high quality digital in-room entertainment with far higher video quality than traditional analogue-based systems. Guests will be able to watch digital-quality TV programmes and have access to a wider selection of movies than presently available. They will also enjoy high-speed web-browsing, Internet access and the availability of hotel and local information.

TALIA offers guests access to true, on-demand video and audio programming - enabling them to watch what they want, when they want to watch it. The on-board digital TV decoder of the AmiNET210H provides access to quality broadcast digital television and radio channels.

Guests may also use their own laptops to connect to the Internet, or gain access through the TV. A wide range of value-added in-room services, such as guest messaging, bill checking, room service and many others are also available.

TALIA benefits the hotelier by making available new revenue streams, improving existing revenue and providing regular management information in a succinct form to enable them to be tracked. The system is fully digital and can be managed, monitored and interrogated from a central control centre. As a result, the cost of day-to-day system management, maintenance and content distribution is significantly reduced.

Basil Fisk, (Director of Systems) for Amino, commented, "We're delighted to be partnering with NEC on its new TALIA system as we have always considered IPTV and our STBs to be ideal for the hospitality industry. The concept offers so many advantages to the guests as well as greater revenue opportunities and cost savings for the hotel management.

“TALIA uses the very latest network and video-on-demand technology to make a range of entertainment and communication services easily accessible and affordable for customers,” says Jonathan Rigg, Business Manager, NEC UK Business Network Solutions. “The result is a landmark service for the hotel sector and should state NEC’s intention with entry into this market. This service is seen by NEC as a natural step in integrating the major components of NEC “core” competencies - Computers and Communications with those of key partners such as Amino.”

Amino's AmiNET210H is not much larger than a paperback book and is operated by the hotel guest using a remote control or keyboard. It incorporates a digital TV Tuner enabling it to receive a wide range of terrestrial digital TV programmes while also providing a large selection of movies on demand.

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About Amino
Amino Communications Ltd. (www.aminocom.com) is a designer and supplier of electronic systems and consultancy, specialising in products for digital broadcast and on-demand TV, IP-TV (telco triple-play applications), hospitality, and in-home multimedia distribution.

The Amino range of small, low cost, high functionality set-top boxes and gateway products is designed for consumer applications in telecom, satellite and digital terrestrial broadcast markets, as well as on-demand systems for hotels and hospitality markets, healthcare, retail and education. Amino also provides systems consultancy, and partners with world-leading companies in content aggregation, middleware, conditional access, and head-end systems.

Amino, based in Swavesey, near Cambridge, UK, was founded in 1997 and is privately held. It has received £15m in funding from business angels and institutional investors.

For further information please contact:

Geoff Boyes/Gerald Cross, EML

The Albany Boathouse, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BB.

+44 (0)20 8408 8000, amino@eml.com

David Cormie, Amino Communications, Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge. CB4 5UQ. +44 (0)1954 234 134, dcormie@aminocom.com

About NEC (UK) Ltd
Founded in 1973, NEC UK is responsible for the marketing, sales , installation and service of a comprehensive range of NEC’s IT, communications and display technologies. With a proven track record in technical consultancy and multiple product streams, NEC UK can design, install and manage standalone and integrated solutions for corporate clients and their networks.

In mobile communications, NEC delivers the latest handsets (3G and 2.5G) and network infrastructure. For the business market, NEC supplies converged network solutions, physical and electronic security systems and advanced IT solutions, from server and storage hardware to e-business and supply chain management services. NEC also offers a complete range of display products and managed services based on its latest display screens and projectors for the corporate, professional AV and home cinema markets.

The turnover of NEC UK in the calendar year 2003 was £297 million. For further information, please visit: www.nec.co.uk

Media Enquiries:

Siân Hodson, NEC (UK) Ltd, NEC House, 1 Victoria Road, London, W3 6BL

+44 (0) 20 8993 8111 – sian.hodson@uk.neceur.com

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