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Amino announces world's first single-chip HD AVC/H.264 STB for hospitality IPTV

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Amino announces world's first single-chip HD AVC/H.264 STB for hospitality IPTV

Enabling system integrators to capitalise on the HDTV hospitality market

Cambridge, UK, 1 June 2006: Amino, leading IPTV set-top box (STB) supplier, is set to bring affordable High Definition (HD) TV services with today's launch of the world's first single-chip HD AVC/H.264 IPTV STB specifically designed for the global hospitality industry. Hospitality service providers have always had the desire to adopt HD, but this used to require expensive "PC-based" STBs. The AmiNET130H will substantially lower the costs and accelerate the mass rollout of HD across the industry. The innovative AmiNET130H is modelled on the highly successful AmiNET110H design, widely deployed in hotels worldwide. The AmiNET130H will allow hotels to maximise individual guest value through the provision of premium HD content and increase overall system ROI. The AmiNET130H will begin shipping in volume in Q3 2006.

"When people stay in hotels, especially the prestige locations that we believe will be early adopters of HD AVC IPTV, they expect the entire guest experience, including the quality of entertainment, to be a class above what they can enjoy at home. Guests are demanding services such as early releases of premium HD Hollywood movies and HD internet browsing on the TV." commented Roy Kirsopp, VP and General Manager of Amino Communications. "The AmiNET130H is based on Amino's proven IPTV technology and will allow hotels to not only meet, but exceed guests' expectations while generating new revenue streams and high value services."

This latest addition to the Amino range of HD H.264/AVC set-top boxes is housed in a rugged case, which is easily installed and hidden to remove the risk of damage or misuse, thereby reducing maintenance costs. The unit features a second Ethernet port for additional services, such as high-speed internet access and Voice over IP (VoIP). It also features a TV interface, which enables a completely invisible installation where the whole system can be controlled via the television using one remote control.

Premium HD content will be protected by a wide range of industry standard conditional access systems and high-bandwidth digital copy protection (HDCP) technology, which will provide content owners such as the Hollywood studios, with peace of mind that their revenues are secure.

H.264/AVC will make the best use of the available network bandwidth, which will increase the services that can be provided to the guest. This codec technology will become increasingly necessary with the arrival of HD services and content.

Amino hospitality customers will be demonstrating the HD video streaming capabilities of the AmiNET130H at the HITEC 2006 event, June 20-22, in Minneapolis, USA.

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About Amino Communications

Amino Communications (www.aminocom.com) supplies the AmiNET™ series of set-top boxes renown for their low-cost and reliability. The AmiNET range materially reduces service operators' capital expenditure, whilst offering the full range of specification required; MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoding standards, standard and high definition TV, personal video recording and home networking. The high performance coupled with the innovative design of Amino's set-top boxes, have brought the series industry accolades and the company a leading position within the IPTV market.

The AmiNET series of IPTV set-top boxes has been used by more than 400 customers in commercial deployments and trials in over 50 countries worldwide. The set-top boxes have also been sampled by another additional 700 customers. Amino Communications' principal customers are telecommunications, broadcast and hospitality service operators. Generally, AmiNET products are supplied with the IntAct™ IPTV software stack pre-loaded.

Amino Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amino Technologies PLC. listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM, symbol AMO. Amino is based near Cambridge, UK, and has offices in Atlanta Georgia and Hong Kong.

For further information please contact:
Jenna Keighley, EML
The Albany Boathouse, Lower Ham Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BB.
+44 (0) 20 8408 8000, amino@eml.com

Joanne Martin-Loat, Amino Communications
Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB4 5UQ.
+44 (0) 1954 234 100, https://www.aminocom.com